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Like most people reaching the age of retirement, you begin to calculate expenses and predict roughly how much annual income you need to survive the rest of your golden years. Do you have enough? Can you afford to stop working?

The reality is sometimes that you could use more and be more proactive about investing in alternative options.

You may already own some real estate and a successful career, but there may be one thing you haven’t considered yet … stocks.

When it comes to investing in the stock market … where in the world should you begin?

Big tech giants with overly expensive stock prices? Commodity stocks that will never lose demand? Health care because everyone will always need it? Gold to secure your wealth? Emerging markets?

Even when you decide your niche — how will you trade? Should you buy stocks outright? Should you buy and sell put options? Should you look for long-term investments or quick gains?

The reality is, every strategy is extremely different. Every stock broker is different. And each individual’s personal needs and budget is different.

The good news is there are stock newsletter subscriptions that can help educate you on the various types of stocks to invest in, investing strategies and wealth protection solutions.

But, not every financial newsletter is created equal. When researching which one to choose, you’ll find that some people have lost their hard-earned money … or worse … their entire savings.

Alright, let’s get to the point…

Why Get Financial Reviews?

The financial newsletters reviewed by Get Financial Reviews are run by the expert financial analysts and stock analysts here at Banyan Hill Publishing. Our financial “gurus” have invested in stocks, bonds and real estate for decades. They’ve worked on the ground floor of The New York Stock Exchange, for hedge funds, banks and more. Because so many investment options can be very tedious to understand and manage — and many brokers are a waste of your very valuable retirement money — we have created this site to give our readers an easy way to review some of the top stock and financial newsletter subscriptions we circulate online today.