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Like most people reaching the age of retirement, I began to calculate my expenses and predict roughly how much annual income I would need to survive the rest of my golden years and, perhaps, travel with my wife and family. Did we have enough? Could I afford to stop working altogether?
The reality was – maybe, but we could use more and be more active about investing in alternative options. We already had some real estate and very successful careers, but there was one thing we hadn’t dived into yet – stocks.

When it comes to investing in the stock market…where in the world should you begin?
Big tech giants with way too expensive stock prices? Commodity stocks that will never lose demand? Healthcare because everyone will always need it? Gold because, apparently, that is the only way to secure your wealth? Emerging markets? Even when you decide your niche – how will you trade? Should I buy stocks outright? Should I buy and sell put options? Do I look for long-term investments or quick gains?

The reality is, every strategy is extremely different. Every stock broker is different. And each individual’s personal needs and budget is different.

I chose to invest in a stock newsletter subscription that would not only help educate me on the various types of stocks to invest in, various strategies, but also random wealth protection solutions. And let me tell you – not every financial newsletter is created equal. What I learned while researching which one to choose, was that some lost people their hard earned money…or worse…their entire savings. And some stock newsletter subscription reviews online – I could tell – were completely bogus – random Joe Shmo leaving a poor, scam review of one professional’s newsletter, only to pitch their own at the end, which inevitably seems like a scam to me if you have to resort to those methods to promote yourself.

Alright, let’s get to the point…

Why Get Financial Reviews?

I have been investing in stocks, bonds, real estate, and more for over three decades now. Because I found so many investment options to be very tedious to understand and manage, and found that so many brokers were a waste of my very valuable retirement money, I decided to create this site and review some of the top stock and financial newsletter subscriptions circulating online today.

Get Financial Reviews was created to combat the very negative reviews of stock market and financial newsletters, and provide real, true testimonials. First, I subscribe and provide you with my personal feedback, so that you feel more confident when you make your decision. Second, other subscribers of those same newsletters are ALWAYS encouraged to leave their review. My score + your score = a true evaluation for honest market gains.

Find Your Match or Let Others Know…

Find the best financial or stock newsletter to suit your needs and ACTUALLY make money, OR, leave your personal review. Want to see a review of a stock newsletter currently not on the site? Shoot me an email via the Contact Sebastian page and I will personally let you know what I think about that particular newsletter and get it posted to the site!

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