About Get Financial Reviews

Get Financial Reviews helps you weed through all the promotional financial content online. We also give you the opportunity to see more information about investment newsletters that our other readers like, or to review services you’ve tried and share your opinion. So whether you are looking for reviews on the best stock market or financial newsletter subscriptions circulating the internet, or want to rant about one you’ve tried before, Get Financial Reviews welcomes you!

About Our Reviewer

Hello Readers! My name is Sebastian and I run Get Financial Reviews. I started this review site because I, like many investors, am just an average Joe kind of guy and needed investment advice and tips, and I didn’t want to go the traditional route of a stock broker or run-of-the-mill financial adviser. When doing extensive research online, I found (and participated in) many financial and stock newsletters that promised to make me X- amount of money in X-amount of time. There are HUNDREDS of these services online, and hundreds of thousands of reviews about them. What was most frustrating to me was the negative Nancy’s out there poorly rating great financial newsletters, as well as other financial “experts” giving lackluster reviews to competitors in order to steal their subscribers. How can you truly know whether or not they will work out in your favor? There are a few things to keep in mind…

At the end of the day, the reality is – if you don’t follow the advice, you can’t expect to make the money these financial subscriptions promise. The whole intent of signing up for a daily stock market newsletter, stock guidance, or wealth protection advice – is to use it! Put these stock newsletters to good use and they WILL work in your benefit. When it comes to stock market advice – take it with a grain of salt. Even with extensive research, the best of the best stock experts are not right all the time. This is important to keep in mind when choosing a financial newsletter and paying your hard-earned money for it. There is absolutely no guarantee that the advice will work, but there is the promise that no tip is presented to you without extensive analysis backed behind it. These are the newsletters I review – the ones that guarantee your money back (within a reasonable time frame) and come with sound, backed advice by financial analysts. What I have discovered is that a lot of the bad reviews come from competitors or users who signed up and did not follow one piece of advice, then got mad when others see major gains in the market. I have personally used many of these to build my investment portfolio and I hope you at least find my review of them unbiased and packed with helpful information!

– Your friend in investing,

Sebastian L.