Automatic Profits Alert Newsletter Review


Automatic Profits Alert Newsletter Review

Banyan Hill Publishing has a select handful of financial analysts who are well-known in the world of investing and Wall Street. One of them is Chad Shoop. Automatic Profits Alert by Banyan-coined “guru” Chad Shoop is one of three products available by this financial analyst.

Who is Chad Shoop?

Chad is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT), which is a professional achievement in investing that fewer than 5,000 individuals around the world have earned. The CMT tests require an in-depth analysis of stock charts and proof of the individual’s statistical analysis capabilities, as well as expertise in behavioral finance, risk management and technical investing strategies.

Chad joined our Banyan Hill Publishing team in 2012. He has led his subscribers to great success through his Pure Income, Automatic Profits Alert and Quick Hit Profits newsletters. Chad’s strategies differ between newsletters in order to cater to different types of investors — those looking for quick weekly or monthly gains, and those looking for safer long-term gains. Chad is also a regular contributor to Investopedia.

What is Automatic Profits Alert?

Automatic Profits Alert is a weekly newsletter through which Chad recommends a strategy designed to take advantage of consistent seasonal patterns in the market. Much like any industry, there are slow months and high-profit months — bear and bull markets, in Wall Street lingo. This strategy is founded on an idea that has aided Wall Street for centuries – profit stacking. Using these seasonal patterns, Chad Shoop has found the ideal way to stack your gains each year to beat the market. For this newsletter, Chad Shoop provides solid stock and ETF recommendations.

Crazy — but is it true?

In short, yes. Just like every industry and every company, the stock market goes through cycles. The seasonality that each sector experiences are what Chad Shoop uses for Automatic Profits Alert. It is built on the notion that every sector of the stock market has a remarkably consistent “prime season” regardless of what is happening in the market. These prime seasons can be as short as a few weeks or as long as several months. When playing these cycles, investors can buy the sector during the tail end of the low season, in order to make substantial gains during prime season.

Chad’s research takes it one step further. Instead of buying the sector during these prime seasons, he does the heavy lifting to find the number one stock primed for a huge surge. By doing this, he not only outperforms the stock market, but also consistently outperforms the underlying sectors.

But this strategy doesn’t only offer profit opportunities during a sector’s prime season. Chad occasionally recommends a way to profit from “inverse” prime seasons — essentially the period when a sector slumps — without shorting a stock. Chad finds the inverse ETFs that he thinks are the best ones for his readers. Investing in one is exactly like investing in a stock. But when a sector — for instance, the oil sector — declines, your investment rises.

Unlike Chad’s other financial newsletters, Pure Income and Quick Hit Profits, this strategy doesn’t use options. Chad’s Automatic Profits Alert readers buy shares of stocks and ETFs and hold them for a relatively short term.

How It Works

Chad has turned Wall Street’s approach to profit stacking into a reliable Automatic Profits Calendar. He updates the calendar each year to show seasonal trends in the market based in historical charts of a basket of stocks from each sector. Since the calendar already works on a rules-based system, Chad will send you carefully researched trade alerts as each sector reaches its prime season. You’ll buy in at the bottom of the S-curve to profit from the spike when the prime season hits.

Through Automatic Profits Alert, Chad will tell you what, why and when to buy, and when to sell in order to profit from market-sector seasonality.

Every sector experiences seasonality. By analyzing these seasons year-over-year, financial experts like Chad can gather previous trends to predict the next season. Traders — and even experts — often find themselves at a loss when a stock tanks at a seemingly random time. Chad’s analysis shows that these dips aren’t so random. They can often be predicted based on the sector’s historical performance. Stocks may tank during a slow season, and we can bet on their peak if we analyze prior seasonal trends.

Is every one of Chad’s picks a winner? No. After all, there is no such thing as a perfect strategy. This track record has losses, just as they all do. But Chad keeps his recommendations on a pretty short leash, so that when he’s wrong, he can try to keep the losses to a minimum.

You can view an Automatic Profits Alert promo for more information and pricing.

Automatic Profits Alert Includes

  • Automatic Profits Calendar for that particular year.
  • Weekly publication updates.
  • Trade alerts to get in or out of a particular trade and benefit from peak seasons.
  • Special reports that Chad releases throughout the year.
  • Model portfolio to view all open trades.
  • Text alerts when Chad releases a new issue.

Things to Know

  • You do not have to invest to subscribe. We ARE NOT stockbrokers. We are a publishing company that offers sound, analytical research and recommendations.
  • The investments we recommend are never guaranteed.


  • Chad Shoop’s Automatic Profits Alert newsletter has tiered pricing based on the length of service you wish to commit to.
  • Lifetime membership is $1,495. If you start with a one-year subscription, you can add more years at discounted rates.
  • One-year premium membership is $995.
  • Six-month trial is $595.
  • The lifetime subscription option has an annual maintenance fee of $9.97.

Cancellation Policy

  • Automatic Profits Alert promises to double the S&P 500 gains in one year — as evidenced by the model portfolio — or the second year is free. You have one year to cancel.

Automatic Profits Alert Customer Service & Contact

Our Final Review

There is nothing out of the ordinary about investing in seasonal trends. If you own a business, you invest more in your business during peak season. The same is true for the stock market. The Automatic Profits Alert strategy helps you to buy in right before the peak for maximum gains. But unlike a business, you can even profit from the downtrends with Chad’s unique strategy. Now, not every stock pick will work out. But Chad suggests a unique “rolling and stacking” method that allows you to take your capital out of one trade and invest it in another opportunity. There could be as many as four rolling and stacking opportunities for the same capital in the course of a year — allowing profits several times over even if one of those opportunities results in a loss. If you’ve subscribed to Automatic Profits Alert, leave your reviews below!

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