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Clint Lee is the investment research analyst for The Bauman Letter and Profit Switch. He is also creator and editor of Flashpoint Fortunes and Slingshot Profits. And he regularly contributes to Bauman Daily.

Born in rural Ohio, Clint discovered his passion and talent for investment and market analysis, and stock picking, as soon as he started high school. During the dot-com bubble and burst, he helped pick profitable stocks for family friends. He also regularly participated in online investing competitions.

Starting in 2004, Clint began to provide investment research for some of the largest institutions in the world. Since then, he has successfully managed more than $2 billion in assets for his clients. He also led a fund that the U.S. News & World Report recognized as the No. 1 fund in its category in 2019.

Clint is first and foremost a numbers guy. One of the “quants.” But he also studies the fundamentals and charts. In fact, he has an uncanny ability to merge these specialties into one powerful market and investment approach. This “structured creativity,” as he calls it, infiltrates every aspect of Clint’s life, evidenced not only in his success in the markets and investing, but also in his love for cooking and coaching his kids in sports.

It’s how Clint ticks. And as such, it keeps him rigidly disciplined. This is infinitely valuable to his readers and subscribers. Clint keeps them on point with his strategy and helps them ignore the noise and emotion that leads to bad investment decisions.

He received his MBA from Case Western University, a top-ranked program. He has also earned several other important designations that demonstrate his commitment to analyzing investments from all angles by combining
fundamentals and technical analysis.


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