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Flashpoint Fortunes Reviews: Who is Clint Lee?

Clint Lee joined the Ted Bauman team at Banyan Hill Publishing in 2020…but is his service Flashpoint Fortunes any good? Read our full review and details of the service and check out real Flashpoint Fortunes reviews from actual subscribers below.

Who Is Clint Lee?

Clint Lee is an analyst for The Bauman Letter and Profit Switch — and he’s a regular contributor to Bauman Daily.

Clint received his MBA from Case Western University, a top-ranked program. Over the past 15 years, Clint has provided investment research for some of the largest institutions in the world and has managed more than $2 billion in assets for his clients. He also led a fund recognized by U.S. News & World Report in 2019 as the No. 1 fund in its category. 

What Is Flashpoint Fortunes?

Clint Lee explains in Flashpoint Fortunes how he spent over a decade developing and deploying quantitative investing strategies for top institutions around the world. But now, he brings them to everyday American investors.

Through his decades of experience investing, he’s constructed models to identify high-risk stock markets, pinpoint opportunities in international markets, pick sectors and select stocks.

In Flashpoint Fortunes, Clint Lee reveals the mysterious world of quant funds and how to invest in them for the quickest, biggest gains.

How It Works

Quant funds are funds that are run by advanced computer algorithms. Essentially, they are investment funds that select securities by utilizing the capabilities of advanced quantitative analysis. In quant funds, managers build customized models using software programs to determine investments for the fund.

There are various quantitative investing strategies out there: Qi Value, trending value, quality-adjusted value microcap, free cash flow yield and price index, price-to-book, neglected value and momentum, as well as many others.

Flashpoint Fortunes employs a strategy that pinpoints which stock metrics major quant funds are about to favor. In other words, the system identifies the stocks that are about to experience huge price movements before the $1.5 trillion quant trading market moves them … that’s the “flashpoint.” And that’s the sign to get into a trade for potentially quick gains.

Some investors may explain this as legally “front-running” the big money … and it’s just as much fun. Clint takes multiple factors into account to comprise his “flashpoint,” aka, his strike zone buy price.

Even better? This system works in any market condition — up, down or flat — but it really shines when things get volatile … like the conditions the market has been seeing over the past couple of years.

Flashpoint Fortunes Includes:

  • Weekly Updates: Each week, Clint will send you a video update on any open positions in the service, an overview of the market, a heads-up on what trades he’s watching and/or answers to your general questions.
  • Regular Trade Alerts: Whenever it’s time to add a new position or sell an existing one, he’ll send you a trade alert right away. And just to make sure that you get these alerts on time, you can sign up to receive a special text message.
  • Real-Time Access to the Model Portfolio: This model portfolio is your wealth-building meter — it will give you a constant, up-to-date tally of how much the portfolio has grown from the day the service went live to the present moment.
  • Direct Support From a Dedicated Customer Service Team: Clint Lee has a dedicated customer service team to answer any questions you may have about your subscription. You can reach them here.

Things to Know

  • Clint Lee DOES NOT call this a “get-rich-quick” strategy.
  • You don’t have to invest if you subscribe.
  • We ARE NOT stockbrokers or licensed advisers. We are a publishing company that offers sound, analytics-based advice and recommendations.
  • Our investment recommendations are never guaranteed.


  • $1,495 for one year.
  • A lifetime subscription for an additional $1,495

Cancellation Policy

  • You have one year to cancel your subscription to Flashpoint Fortunes. So if at any point during the next year you’re not 100% happy with your Flashpoint Fortunessubscription, simply give us a call and you receive a full refund or switch to any of Banyan Hill’s other services for free. I’m so confident in this system that if it doesn’t give you the opportunity to double your money or more on at least 12 trades over the next 12 months … I’ll give you a second year’s subscription completely free.

Flashpoint Fortunes Customer Service

  • You can contact Banyan Hill Publishing’s customer service center at 866-584-4096.
  • Or, shoot an email over to FlashpointFortunes@BanyanHill.com for specific inquiries.

Our Final Review

Focusing on quants is what makes Flashpoint Fortunes by Clint Lee so unique and impressive. There is no other quantitative investing strategy offered here at Banyan Hill, which makes it a niche service for our readers.

Flashpoint Fortunes by Clint Lee is a great quantitative investing newsletter for beginners and even intermediate investors. Why? Because Clint takes the guesswork and time spent analyzing the stock market on your own, to make investing in quants simple, fun and most importantly … profitable!

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