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Is Paul Mampilly’s Bold Profits Daily a Legit Stock Newsletter?

Bold Profits Daily is a legitimate email newsletter service brought to you by publishing company Banyan Hill and investment guru Paul Mampilly.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to the Bold Profits Daily newsletter is that subscribers receive Paul’s stock picks and market insights for free. Of course, there is a catch – the newsletter signup seems to sign subscribers up to their marketing email list as well, but they do give you the option to opt-out. If opting out doesn’t work, you can always contact their customer service team to remove you from their marketing list. 

Who is Paul Mampilly? 

Paul Mampilly is a retired Wall Street hedge fund manager who worked for some of the largest banks and investment firms on the planet. 

So he’s a real person with a lot of experience in investing, to the point he’s made millions of dollars and been featured on shows like Fox Business News.

Elites paid Paul Mampilly’s hedge fund millions for his stock picks – but in Bold Profits Daily, he shares insights you can use, including stock names and tickers, for FREE.

Paul has called every major market top and bottom. He ignores media hype and guides investors through when to sell and when, and which stocks to buy. 

His main specialty is analyzing consumer trends and innovative new tech, and investing in companies that he believes will benefit when these trends take off.

He basically looks for companies that are set to disrupt an existing industry or create an entirely new one, and invests in them before the masses. This is his bread and butter.

And he shares his knowledge within the newsletters he manages at Banyan Hill, which is a financial publishing company.

Is Banyan Hill legit?

Banyan Hill is a legitimate site, they basically pool together experts like Paul Mampilly, Ian King and Charles Mizrahi (to name a few) who collectively publish investment based content. 

For example, Ian King is the author of Strategic Fortunes, and Charles Mizrahi authors the Alpha Investor.

What Is Bold Profits Daily?

If you’re looking for real portfolio growth, look no further than Bold Profits Daily: America’s No. 1 Source for Growth Investing

Bold Profits Daily brings together a team of expert investment advisors to deliver daily investing advice from Wall Street to Main Street.

Bold Profits Daily is a FREE investment e-newsletter that is accessible and easy to understand while providing actionable buy and sell advice. 

No matter how much money you have, or your experience in investing, Bold Profits Daily can help you build a successful investment portfolio.

Paul Mampilly and his team focus on megatrends that influence multiple sectors in the market and they use that to inform their investing decisions.

Paul and his team have decades of experience combined, making Bold Profits Daily one of the most useful investment newsletters you’ll find online.

If you have never had any experience with an investment newsletter, then Bold Profits Daily is a great option from a top investor with a solid track record of success.

As a subscriber to Bold Profits Daily, you receive six emails per week that cover investment related topics. Which, for the most part, consist of Paul sharing his market insights and stock picks.

And it’s not just written email content, Paul also publishes videos on his YouTube channel that compliment the emails you receive as a subscriber of Bold Profits Daily.

However, there is the caveat of the marketing/promotional emails that come along with subscribing to Bold Profits Daily

For example, Paul spends a lot of time talking about a concept he calls America 2.0, which eventually leads you to a pitch for Profits Unlimited, his paid newsletter service.

Here’s a list of paid subscriptions Paul pitches to Bold Profits Daily subscribers:

Each link above takes you to a detailed review of each, so if you want to learn more about these paid newsletters, be sure to check these out. 

While this marketing sales funnel is clever, starting with a free newsletter and increasing in tiered levels to premium subscriptions, that does not make it a scam.  

Just because Paul is giving you quality free content, and also selling high-priced subscriptions, in no way makes it dishonest or a scam. 

However, it is worth mentioning that while you may gain awesome stock market insights through the Bold Profits Daily free newsletter alone, the juiciest stock market picks and analysis come with Paul’s paid services.  

Is Bold Profits Daily a Scam?

Bold Profits Daily is definitely not a scam. In fact, the free stock e-letter has tens of thousands of monthly subscribers. 

You can also read some great Paul Mampilly and Profits Unlimited reviews from real subscribers and customers here

If you are a beginner investor, Bold Profits Daily is a great, free option to get your feet wet in the stock market and receive real advice from a former Wall Street executive. 

Don’t let the marketing and promotional emails sway you, Paul Mampilly is the real deal and he’s made it his mission to make every day Americans (like you) money in the stock market. His goal is to reveal Wall Street’s secrets so that the average Joe investor can make real money, smartly, in the stock market and (hopefully) obtain financial freedom along the way.