Review of True Momentum by Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly truly wants to help everyday people earn extra income and have a solid retirement savings.

Don’t let negative reviews sway you — Paul has thousands of subscribers that are profiting from his stock picks on the regular. They follow his research to the T, and it benefits them in the long run.

Who Is Paul Mampilly?

There’s so much to say about Paul. With over 25 years of experience, Paul has an extensive background in the financial industry. He started his career in 1991 as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. From there, he quickly climbed the ranks to manage multimillion-dollar accounts for Deutsche Bank and ING. He also managed money for the Royal Bank of Scotland, Sears and a private Swiss bank.

Paul’s experienced in turning certain amounts of money from very large investors into even more money. Hence why I trust him with my money. Paul was recruited by a $6 billion hedge fund, called Kinetics Asset Management, to be its key manager, growing the firm’s assets to $25 billion.

One of the biggest asset growths that Paul has been accredited with was during the stock market crash in 2008. Paul took a $50 million investment and made a 76% return in one year, growing it to $88 million. Again, this particular growth was during the 2008 and 2009 economic crisis, but Paul was confident in his investment strategies and analysis that he could still find ways to make the firm money.

Paul has been featured on CNBC, Fox Business News and Bloomberg TV. You can read more about his gains from our Banyan Hill Publishing bio on Paul, where he is the editor of Profits Unlimited, as well as four other elite research services: Extreme Fortunes, True Momentum, Rapid Profit Trader and The $10 Million Portfolio.

What Is True Momentum?

In our opinion, the True Momentum newsletter is where Paul puts one of his best strategies to work. Written monthly, Paul publishes his findings using his refined strategy of pinpointing stocks that are expected to deliver quick growth. Paul promises that not only could these stocks deliver quick growth, but also massive growth, which will lead to massive gains.

According to Paul, the True Momentum strategy gives subscribers exclusive access to his “bread-and-butter moneymaking technique.”

This strategy helps Paul analyze and focus on stocks that are gaining momentum in the market. It’s not always easy for the average investor to analyze companies that are on the cusp of massive growth, but Paul is extremely cultured in the world of business growth per his previous experience on Wall Street.

True Momentum promises — and delivers.

How It Works

Paul’s True Momentum recommendations are on companies expected to gain great momentum in the market. How does Paul know this? He loves to find diamonds in the rough — companies that most people have never heard of or don’t know much about. These are typically tech companies that are involved in a much greater picture — like the next revolutionary tech product or movement.

Paul and his team provide in-depth analysis into the company’s products, methods or innovative technologies. They also cover any major mergers or contracts that a company might have made for future endeavors. In essence, all the footwork that the average investor doesn’t have time to analyze, Paul does for you.

True Momentum also teaches you about any major investors in a company’s stock, the market for that specific sector and predictions for innovative new technologies. Then Paul forecasts the company’s future stock growth to predict when a momentum surge will take place and how you can profit from it.

According to his strategy and years of analysis, there are, on average, 24 stocks that show elements of true momentum every year. Paul and his team find these stocks so that investors can profit from their growth. Even if the market is down, certain stocks will still soar because of their participation in Paul’s main mega trends. This is how some subscribers of True Momentum have reported triple-digit gains in their portfolios even when the overall market wasn’t experiencing that same pace of growth.

True Momentum Includes:

  • Trade alerts — About once a month, Paul will publish a monthly trade alert containing his analysis on a stock that is exhibiting true momentum. He’ll tell you what, why and when to buy. The instructions are very clear and particular, which makes it easy for even the amateur investor to follow.
  • The True Momentum trading manual — Paul covers the True Momentum strategy and everything else you need to know to get started and be successful using this method. Read this before you do anything else!
  • Weekly videocasts (52 per year) — Most of Banyan Hill’s financial experts send weekly email updates regarding the progress of their stock picks. In True Momentum, Paul sends weekly video updates instead. Paul wants you to get the most out of your True Momentum subscription, so he will send a weekly video update to discuss current positions and what’s happening in the markets. You can either watch the video or read a transcription.
  • Model portfolio — This online portfolio is a live snapshot of every open recommendation that Paul recommends. It will tell you at what price it was recommended, the stock’s current price, gains to-date and total profits once sold.
  • 24/7 access to the True Momentum login/site — All past and current issues are stored on an encrypted website that members can access at any time.
  • Text alerts — To ensure you never miss an important trade, Paul and his team will issue a text alert any time they release a new alert email.

Things to Know

  • Paul Mampilly DOES NOT call this a “get rich quick” strategy.
  • You don’t have to invest to subscribe.
  • We ARE NOT stock brokers or licensed advisors. We are a publishing company that offers sound, analytic-based advice and recommendations.
  • Our investment recommendations are never guaranteed.


  • The True Momentum service by Paul Mampilly is around $1,995 for one year. There is no monthly maintenance fee unless you opt into the lifetime subscription for an additional $1,995, which has an annual maintenance fee of $9.95.

Cancellation Policy

  • True Momentum promises that your portfolio will grow 300% in one year or your second year is free.
  • You may cancel after 30 days if you are truly not satisfied. However, no one can really get the most out of the subscription within 30 days, so this is more for those who have buyer’s remorse immediately afterward.

True Momentum Customer Service

Our Final Review

The intent of True Momentum is to get exclusive stock insights and recommendations from Paul Mampilly.

Of course not every stock play works out. Even the best investors in the world are not always right. However, many have found great success in Paul’s trade recommendations using True Momentum.

Try it out for a year and follow Paul’s research as much as possible. You may have some losses, but with any luck, the gains will more than make up for them. This is one investment newsletter that you can really learn from with a two-year subscription, or you can opt for the lifetime for the same price and use it to your advantage. 

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