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“Paul Mampilly’s IPO Speculator Review”

2019 was the year for a lot of great IPOs. However, like many investors saw with Lyft’s IPO stock price and drop – not all IPOs are best to get in on the ground floor on. Sometimes, your strategy for getting into an IPO all depends on timing.

Paul Mampilly launched a service called IPO Speculator since IPOs are such hot topics in the stock market and general public.

Since not every IPO is positioned to be a great one and overall great stock long-term, IPO Speculator is a fantastic stock advisory service.

Wall Street has led investors to believe that IPOs are reserved for insider elites, but that is not the case. And Paul Mampilly reveals the best IPOs of the year, how to get in early, and how to make enormous profits off their growth.

Who Is Paul Mampilly?

Paul Mampilly began his financial career in 1991 as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. From there, he quickly rose to prominent positions managing multimillion-dollar accounts for Deutsche Bank, ING, and more.

Paul also managed accounts for the Royal Bank of Scotland, as well as investments for a $6 billion hedge fundHis vast experience as a hedge fund manager earned him first place in a prestigious investment competition, where he generated a 76% return from a starting $50 million investment. What’s more, this was over one year – during the 2008 and 2009 financial crisis.

As the founder of the Profits Unlimited newsletter, Paul provides his opinions and research for investors who are interested in cutting-edge financial investments.

You can read more about his gains from Banyan Hill Publishing’s bio on Paul, where he is the editor of Profits Unlimited and 7 other elite trading services: Extreme Fortunes, True Momentum, Rapid Profit Trader, Rebound Profit Trader, 100X Club, IPO Speculator and Paul’s Secret Portfolio.

What Is IPO Speculator?

IPO Speculator is a financial newsletter by Paul Mampilly that focuses on IPOs launching throughout the year. Paul lends expert insights into whether or not particular IPOs are good investments or ones that you should hold off on for now to see how they perform in the market.

According to Paul, the very best IPOs are oftentimes the ones that skate by mainstream media. Little known companies that are backed by billions.

Nine out of 10 companies fall below their IPO price, leaving investors in the red and panicking to make their money back.

So, instead of jumping at every popular IPO the media is currently highlighting, Paul Mampilly and his team of financial analysts conduct research to see which company actually has a solid stance for IPO – and at the right price. Sometimes, Paul may even recommend waiting a month or two after the IPO to see how the stock levels out. Sometimes, you may wait until the first earnings report comes out. Whatever the situation may be, Paul and his team guide you through how to invest in the best IPOs of the year, to get the maximum benefit.

How It Works

On average, 20 companies come to market each month. Have you heard of them?

Typically, investors and consumers hear about red-hot IPOs – ones like Lyft, Uber, Square, Slack.

But, there are opportunities every month to get in on the ground floor of IPOs that are poised for greatness in the stock market.

According to Paul, IPO Speculator utilizes a proprietary rating system to determine the most profitable IPO opportunities.

Paul discusses an example of a little-known medical diagnostics company called Semler Scientific. Initial investors jumped into the IPO and were able to grab over a 500% gain. But, with Paul’s strategy, investors who got in at the right time made over 3,000% on the IPO.

IPO Speculator helps investors determine the very best moment to get in on IPOs each month, for maximized profit potential.

IPO Speculator Includes:

  • At least 12 trades a year:When Paul spots promising IPOs on the horizon, he and his team will review their proprietary IPO ratings system and select the best IPOs that are positioned to grow substantially. His team will send a confidential write-up of a specific IPO recommendation after conducting research.
  • Access to Paul Mampilly’s model portfolio— This portfolio includes every stock that’s on Paul’s “buy now” list, which gets updated the same day Paul buys or sells a stock recommendation. The model portfolio tells members when to buy, which price to buy in at, and when to sell. Essentially, it tells users everything you need to know in order to enter and exit the trade.
  • Weekly updates — Paul releases an update on his IPO Speculator portfolio every week. He’ll go over major market trends, any news events surrounding one of his stock picks, and will also give a look ahead at what readers can expect in the coming months. His weekly updates will keep you up-to-date on all current trades, including both gains and losses.
  • The IPO Speculator Blueprint:In this free report, Paul lays out exactly how the IPO Speculator Rating System works… how it is able to select winning trades consistently and accurately – allowing you to target IPO companies at their perfect “Alpha Moment” – whether it’s pre-IPO, right when they start trading on public markets, or even when they finally reach takeoff months down the road.
  • The Ultimate IPO: Riding The Mega Wave of New World Companies: This report is often the top selling point for Paul Mampilly’s IPO Speculator newsletter, as it outlines Paul’s #1 IPO opportunity right now.
  • 24/7 access to the IPO Speculator login— All past and current issues are stored on an encrypted website that members can access at any time.

Things to Know

  • Paul Mampilly DOES NOT call this a “get rich quick” strategy.
  • You have to follow the investment advice to see gains. If you miss opportunities, you may not be successful (as with any stock strategy).
  • We ARE NOT stock brokers here at Banyan Hill Publishing. We simply offer sound, analytic-based advice and recommendations from highly experienced financial analysts, former hedge-fund managers, Certified Market Technicians and more.
  • Stock plays are never guaranteed.


  • IPO Speculator has tiered pricing depending on the level of service desired, as well as print versus digital options. Following the most recent promo, it looks like this:
  • $2,995 for 1 year and renews at the same price.
  • You can buy into IPO Speculator for a lifetime for an just an additional $2,995. With the lifetime membership, you will never be required to pay a yearly renewal fee.

Cancellation Policy

  • Due to the proprietary nature of this service, there are no refunds.

IPO Speculator Customer Service

Our Final Review

IPO Speculator is a one-of-a-kind financial newsletter. Serious investors who are looking for the next Amazon, Google, or Facebook stock, even semiconductor stocks that will fuel the economy, and robotics, electric, or medical revolutionary technologies, should look into getting into Paul Mampilly’s IPO Speculator service. It allows you to take the guesswork out of IPO valuations and which companies are actually positioned to do well in the stock market. IPO Speculator also gives investors the chance to get in on IPOs that are not making headlines – the diamonds in the rough the media simply isn’t covering because they aren’t necessarily “sexy”, millennial companies. If you are looking to consistently add IPO stocks to your investment portfolio, we highly recommend this service by Paul.