Peak Velocity Trader

Who is Michael Carr?

Michael J. Carr retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force before taking his chances with the stock market. During his time in the Air Force, Michael worked as a nuclear missile architect for the Pentagon. His mission was to ensure that the missiles he crafted would hit their intended targets with 100% accuracy, 100% of the time. This method is the one he uses for one of his other stock investment newsletters, Precision Profits. While Precision Profits uses a seasonal trading system that pinpoints winning “profit windows”, his Peak Velocity Trader newsletter uses another precise strategy for buying in low and selling high with extreme accuracy, allowing his subscribed investors to capture quick gains almost on a monthly basis.

Featured in Nasdaq back when his newsletter was under a different name, Michael Carr is now a part of the financial editors here at Banyan Hill.

What is Peak Velocity Trader?

The trading strategy that Michael Carr uses in Peak Velocity Trader is one based off – you guessed it – “velocity trades”. Velocity trades are just a fancy way of calling traditional trades. The traditional way of trading in Wall Street is the buy low, sell high strategy, which most investors try to do, but not everyone is successful using this method.

Peak Velocity Trader takes the buy low, sell high strategy and applies it to stocks that are showing true velocity in the market. Meaning, Michael Carr and his analysts have evaluated the particular stock, its positions, its current valuations, and make trade recommendations or buy and sell put options based on their theory that the stock will increase in price.

The majority of trade recommendations released in the Peak Velocity Trader newsletter are quick plays – allowing investors to get in, get out, and collect nice gains in a short amount of time – perhaps monthly if properly followed.

View the latest Peak Velocity Trader webinar to find out more.

Peak Velocity Trader Includes:

Instant Velocity Trade Alerts – Instantly receive trade alerts via email when Michael Carr receives a trade signal that passes his criteria. Trade alerts can occur roughly 3 times per month, sometimes more, and the trade alert will include all the information you need to buy or sell the position, including the option symbol, buy price, and Michael’s reasoning behind the recommendation. You can even sign up for text notifications, so you know immediately when a new email alert is released.

Weekly Position Monitoring – Michael and his team of financial analysts keep track of all current Peak Velocity Trader positions and release weekly email updates on what is going on with the positions and the companies and markets behind the stock.

  • The Options 101 Guide – A guide on how to master options trading. The guide includes video as well as written reports.
  • Model Portfolio – An online portfolio graph that maps out all current positions, their options symbol, buy price, current price, close price, total gain percentage.
  • 24/7 access to the associated website.
  • Text Alert option.

Things to Know

  • Michael Carr and Banyan Hill Publishing DO NOT call this a “get rich quick” strategy.
  • You do not have to invest if you subscribe.
  • Michael Carr and Banyan Hill Publishing ARE NOT stock brokers or licensed investment advisors. We are a publishing company that offers sound, analytical research and recommendations.
  • The investments we recommend are never guaranteed.



  • Peak Velocity Trader is $995 for the year or $2995 for a lifetime subscription.
  • The lifetime subscription to <i>Peak Velocity Trader</i> has an annual maintenance fee of $9.97.

Cancellation Policy

  • Peak Velocity Trader offers no refunds.

Peak Velocity Trader Customer Service

  • You can contact our customer service center at 866-584-4096.
  • Connect with Michael Carr on Facebook here:
  • Email the customer service team at

Final Review of Peak Velocity Trader

Peak Velocity Trader is one of our best stock newsletters at Banyan Hill. Why? Because it works!

Michael Carr has a track record of bringing in continuous stock market gains for subscribers.

Michael Carr is very informative in his weekly emails and updates about current positions, but this stock investment strategy is one that works and definitely pays off for readers.

The best part is that most of these stocks trade around $2. The one with the most growth ended at around $13 per share. So, if you bought 100 shares for $200, it would have resulted in a quick $1,100 gain.

Of course, here at Banyan Hill Publishing, we are not looking to pull the wool over your eyes. Not every trade is a winner. The strategy backing Peak Velocity Trader is one that allows subscribers to see quick gains, which is perfect if you are looking to get into stock investing for additional monthly income.

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