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Who is Michael Carr?

You may have never heard of Michael Carr, and that’s fine. But his trading expertise, whether in Precision Profits, another newsletter or one of his books, should not be taken lightly.


Michael Carr is a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel, who has spent over two decades trading in the stock market. At the start of his career, Michael worked as a nuclear missile architect for the Pentagon. His sole mission was to ensure that the missiles he crafted would hit their intended targets with 100% accuracy, 100% of the time. He did this with an algorithm he perfected for precision, which inspired what he uses to pinpoint trades in Precision Profits.

Featured in Nasdaq back when his strategies were under a different name, Michael Carr is now a part of the financial editors here at Banyan Hill Publishing — a publishing company that markets newsletters by some of the best financial experts in the world, giving the average American, beginner investor or even intermediate investor insights into stock analysis.

In a nutshell, you get a team of financial analysts on your side, working to help expand your investing knowledge.

Michael uses a seasonal trading system in Precision Profits that helps him pinpoint potential “profit windows” with precision, hence the name.

What is Precision Profits?

Precision Profits is Michael Carr’s investment newsletter.

Michael Carr’s investment strategy has been called “groundbreaking investment research,” because it looks at average stocks that other investors might ignore, with the hopes of generating maximum returns from them.

It does this by drawing on decades of historical data and a unique formula to isolate strong seasonal trends known as profit windows in solid stocks.

The Precision Profits formula was originally designed to guide missiles with 100% accuracy. And now it helps Michael consistently pinpoint entry and exit points for stocks with the potential to rise in just a couple of months.

So this quick profit strategy is designed to deliver maximum gains in a very short period.

How It Works

Of course, we can’t give away too much, but as we mentioned before, Precision Profits works by focusing on stocks that show a proven seasonal trend. Meaning the stocks Michael selects are ones that continue to repeat the same trends over and over, year after year. So they continue to show opportunities for gains in the market.

Investors can get in on these stocks by trading options rather than actually buying shares of the stocks.

What does it mean to trade options versus trading stocks? Stocks give you a very small piece of ownership in the company, while options are contracts that give you the right to buy or sell the stock at a specific price, by a specific time.

Michael and his team here at Banyan Hill use an algorithm to analyze stocks for seasonal trends. Precision Profits takes stocks that may be ignored by the majority of Wall Street and finds their hidden potential — their profit windows.

Stocks that pass Michael Carr’s algorithm are then recommended via the Precision Profits newsletter — through emailed trade alerts. Michael also sends out weekly portfolio and market update webinars.

Precision Profits’ trade recommendations give specific, step-by-step instructions for placing your order. After an order has been added to the portfolio, you will be updated on the progress of the position. If the position unfortunately starts falling (and you shouldn’t be alarmed if not every trade recommendation works out), Michael will alert you to sell.

He will explain exactly how and when to place the sale. He will also give his analysis into why the stock trend didn’t play out as expected. At the end of the day, his algorithm mitigates as much risk as possible, but it’s not foolproof.

Precision Profits Includes

  • Precision Profits trading manual — Everything you need to know about seasonal trading, how Michael approaches trading using this method, the kinds of trades to expect as a subscriber, and more useful information for being a successful investor.
  • “Options Training Library” — A training course that will help you master options trading. Learn how to trade options like a pro.
  • Weekly market updates — As a subscriber to Precision Profits with Michael Carr, you will receive weekly, short videos summarizing the current market conditions and what’s going on with some of the major indexes. If the market is not doing well, Michael will let you know and guide you on what to do for your portfolio.
  • Weekly portfolio updates — Michael will send you weekly updates on current stock picks that he recommended for your portfolio, including how they are performing. If there have been common questions from subscribers, Michael will often address them in the weekly portfolio update.
  • Online portfolio — Track all of the investments using an exclusive login portal. The portfolio is essentially a live graph of the positions Michael has recommended through Precision Profits. It includes the date of the purchase, the price a position was bought at, the recent price and the percent increase or decrease.
  • 24/7 access to the Precision Profits login site.
  • Text alerts when any trade alert is sent.

Things to Know

  • Michael Carr DOES NOT call this a “get rich quick” strategy.
  • You don’t have to invest if you subscribe.
  • We ARE NOT stock brokers or licensed advisors. We are a publishing company that offers sound, analytic-based advice and recommendations.
  • Our investment recommendations are never guaranteed.


  • Michael Carr’s Precision Profits is $2,995 per year and it auto-renews at $2,995.
  • Lifetime subscription is $4,995 with an annual maintenance fee of $4.95.

Cancellation Policy

  • You have 120 days to cancel your subscription to Precision Profits for a full refund.

Precision Profits Customer Service

Our Final Review of Precision Profits

Precision Profits is not a scam. It’s a solid newsletter to invest in if you are serious about learning seasonal trading, options trading and investing in companies that many trades ignore.

For investors who are not aware of trading options, Michael Carr loves trading options in Precision Profits and can show you how to be successful using this trading technique. One thing to keep in mind is that not all of the trades are inexpensive. However, you do not have to be an investor to join Precision Profits and enjoy his updates.

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