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“Quick Hit Profits: Another Profit Promise from Chad Shoop”

Can you honestly make “quick profits” when playing the stock market? Your average investor may tell you no, that playing the stock market is not a “get rich quick” game. However, the very best stock market experts out there sure as heck have a tried-and-true way of generating income pretty quickly. The thing to know about the stock market is that there are numerous ways to play it, numerous ways to analyze it, and various ways to profit — whether it be quickly or in the long term. Some financial experts might balk at the promise of fast returns, but a solid investment strategy means you can generate quick gains to stabilize your portfolio and cover your losses where they might occur. BUT … there’s something to be said about the level of confidence an investor has if they are making strong claims, which brings me to Quick Hit Profits — an options-trading newsletter edited by Chad Shoop, a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) and financial analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing. Yes, that company again, I know…

Who is Chad Shoop?

At this point, I sound like a broken record when it comes to Chad Shoop, but he has a few newsletters that present different investing strategies. That’s why I decided to review them each individually and provide insight on how each one works. Then you can gather for yourself which one may be best for you and your investing goals. Again, Chad is not a very well-known name in the investing world, but his qualifications make him particularly adept at investing in the markets. Chad’s CMT designation is a professional achievement in the realm of investing that fewer than 5,000 individuals around the world have earned. I typically lead with this info about Chad because Banyan Hill gets a bad rep when it comes to their financial analysts, whom they call “gurus.” But honestly, the bad rep is not warranted. In fact, Banyan Hill has some brilliant market experts, like Ian King, Paul Mampilly and Matt Badiali. These guys are interviewed and mentioned regularly on Fox Business News, Investopedia, CNN and more! Back to Chad, though. In order to become a Chartered Market Technician, a candidate must take tests that require an in-depth analysis of stock charts and test the individual’s knowledge of statistical analysis, behavioral finance, risk management and technical investing. As a CMT, Chad recommends stock (and option) plays that mitigate risks. In my personal opinion (and anyone else playing the stock market, for that matter), you can NEVER guarantee that there’s no risk. Ever. The stock market sometimes just does not do what you think it’s going to. But Chad monitors and analyzes these recommendations closely, to help ensure that you will see gains. This service isn’t stagnant. Chad keeps finding ways to make it more reliable and keep the big gains coming. For instance, he recently added “bonus trades” to the strategy to give us even more chances to make quick money.

What is Quick Hit Profits?

Quick Hit Profits is a strategy based on buying call options and put options to capitalize on earnings announcements. Chad has pinpointed a group of stocks that he believes are going to see a spike after they announce their earnings report. He calls these stocks the “Winning 76.” Chad and his team have worked out a reliable system to anticipate how a stock will move once a company has announced earnings. The system seeks to determine how the subsequent “earnings drift” will move the stock in the following weeks. His options-based trading strategy seeks to reduce as much risk as possible, so even the most conservative investors can feel confident in the plays. This may not necessarily be considered a “new strategy,” but it is the one Chad launched most recently. It’s one that I am familiar with and have used before. Earnings announcements are a great way to play the market for quick gains. But, as Chad explains, betting on stocks before an announcement is basically gambling. And he doesn’t like to gamble. It’s better to have someone with insight and analysis into how companies’ stocks react to earnings, good and bad. Then, after the announcement, if a trade meets Chad’s parameters, he’ll recommend making the trade. He’ll typically explain how many times the stock met his “profit trigger” in his decade-plus of back tests — and how consistently it did what he expects it to do. (For instance, in a recent trade, he explained that the company “has triggered an alert nine times since 2006. On all but one occasion, the stock moved higher over the following two months.” So he recommended call options on the company.) As with everything in life, these trades aren’t guaranteed. Earnings bets are notoriously risky. Without this newsletter, you could bet on a company before earnings. If earnings play out the way you expect, you can make a lot of money. Of course, if you’re wrong, you can lose a lot of money. You can also bet on what a company’s stock is going to do after the announcement is made. It helps if you have years of financial data and your CMT designation to prove that you can interpret it correctly. That’s what Chad brings to the table. In essence, you are paying Chad and his team to do the dirty analyzing work for you, and then going with their recommendations.

You can view the latest Quick Hit Profits webinar here.

How It Works

Chad Shoop’s Quick Hit Profits works by trading options to take advantage of uptrends — or downtrends — in the wake of an earnings report. Chad will send you trade alerts via email or text recommending what and when to buy, detailed instructions to submit your order to the market and when to exit a position. When Chad is ready to recommend a trade, he will contact you during the trading day with the option contract to buy, the limit and strike price, and a deadline for the trade. With options, readers typically hold a trade until Chad directs them to close the position out, either to preserve capital or take profits.

Quick Hit Profits Includes

  • Weekly email updates that chart the ideal time to jump into a company’s earnings drift. Get ahead of new trades with the Quick Hit Profits updates. Be sure to read your emails if you subscribe to this newsletter!
  • Trade Alerts that show you how to get in or out of a particular trade and precisely how to complete the order. When Chad’s system signals the start of a new drift, you will get an email alert about it. You can also opt for text alerts whenever Chad sends an action to take via email.
  • Quick Hit Profits Trading Guide — complete with everything you need to know about trading options and earnings announcements.
  • 12-Minute Options Trading Tutorial — Like the title states, in 12 minutes you will learn how to place your first trade, even if you’re brand-new to options.
  • Model Portfolio to view all trades — The snapshot portfolio is a live model portfolio that shows every open and closed recommendation that Chad and his team have sent via the Quick Hit Profits newsletter. It will tell you at what price subscribers bought in, current price, total gains and total once sold.
  • Text Alerts.
  • 24/7 access to the Quick Hit Profits login/site.

Things to Know

  • Chad Shoop and Banyan Hill Publishing DO NOT call this a “get rich quick” strategy
  • You have to follow the investment advice to see gains. If you miss opportunities, you may not be successful (as with any stock strategy).
  • Chad Shoop and Banyan Hill Publishing ARE NOT stock brokers. They offer sound, analytical advice and recommendations.
  • Stock plays are never guaranteed.


  • Chad Shoop’s Quick Hit Profits newsletter is around $1,995 for 1 year. There is no maintenance fee unless you opt in to the Lifetime subscription for $3,995. Then the fee is $9.97 annually.

Cancellation Policy

  • Quick Hit Profits promises that you will make 1,600% gains in 1 year or your second year is free.
  • Though the service is nonrefundable, you may switch to another subscription if you find that Quick Hit Profits is not right for you.
  • Quick Hit Profits lifetime subscription has a 90-day cancellation window.

Quick Hit Profits Customer Service

Final Review of Quick Hit Profits

In July 2018, Chad’s readers took 1,386% in gains over the course of a single day based on seven trades. A few short weeks later, Chad sent a note to buy options in Apple, which he then advised his readers to sell a day later for a 50% gain. Whether you know about Chad Shoop or Banyan Hill Publishing, if you ask the majority of subscribers who actually follow the advice, they are usually gaining. Sure, there have been reviews where investors lost 60%-80% on an option here and there, but that could happen to anybody. Heck, it’s happened to me more than once. It doesn’t discredit the company or the newsletter. You do the math: A loss of 60% or 80% here or there hurts. But if you’re also locking in over 1,300% in gains on seven trades — you come out way ahead. $1,995 is a good deal. In one month, you can make hundreds of percent or even 1,000% in gains, and continue making money throughout the year. Your investment decisions at the end of the day are on you. If you need help analyzing earnings announcements and getting in on the right trades after earnings are announced — for gains, Quick Hit Profits is a great option.
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