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Rapid Profit Trader Review: A Service by Paul Mampilly” 

Paul Mampilly’s Rapid Profit Trader makes strong claims — like being able to get you gains of over 1,000% in 10 days and ensuring that you will make $200,000 within a year of using his service. Is it really possible to see gains like that with the Rapid Profit Trader service? Sure — if you commit and have quite a bit to invest. I think that is the No. 1 thing to know when subscribing to one of Paul Mampilly's services. There are many reviews of Paul online that claim his strong gains to be impossible. However, let's say I buy 1 share of each of Paul's recommendations - can I really expect to make $200,000 from it?

No. The majority of Paul Mampilly reviews I read online are typically written during the month of October - when the market is at its worst, or from subscribers who have been a member of the service for less than 90 days. I'm not really sure what logical investor can judge a stock newsletter advisory service within 6 months, even a year at times. The important thing to keep in mind when you subscribe to any of these services is that you should be in it for the long-run. Don't look at Rapid Profit Trader and Paul Mampilly as your ticket to getting rich within a year. Look at it as something that is going to build you a hefty retirement savings in a fraction of the time. That being said, let's dive into who Paul Mampilly is and why his name is so well-known.

Who Is Paul Mampilly?

Paul Mampilly is a major player when it comes to stock market investing strategies. With over 25 years of experience, Paul has an extensive background in the financial industry. Paul started his career in 1991 as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust.

From there, he quickly climbed the ranks on Wall Street and started managing multimillion-dollar accounts for Deutsche Bank and ING. He also managed money for the Royal Bank of Scotland, Sears and a private Swiss bank.

Paul’s solid reputation came from turning large amounts of money that he got from big, institutional investors into even larger sums of money — sometimes duplicating those accounts tenfold.

He was even recruited by a $6 billion hedge fund, Kinetics Asset Management, to be its key manager, growing the firm’s assets to $25 billion. One of the biggest asset growths that Paul’s accredited with was during the stock market crash in 2008. Paul took a $50 million investment and gained a 76% return in one year, growing it to $88 million.

How is Paul Mampilly so successful and why am I so confident that his services are not a scam? Again, this particular growth was during the 2008 economic crisis, so there’s proof that Paul’s investment strategies and expert analysis of stock trends make money, even during challenging times for the market and economy.

For the past few years, Paul Mampilly has been invited to appear on several television shows, including CNBC and Bloomberg TV. As the founder of the Rapid Profit Trader newsletter, Paul provides his opinions and advice for investors who are interested in cutting-edge financial investments.

You can read more about his gains from Banyan Hill Publishing’s bio on Paul, where he is the editor of Rapid Profit Trader and 4 other elite trading services: Extreme FortunesTrue MomentumProfits Unlimited and The $10 Million Portfolio.

What Is Rapid Profit Trader?

Rapid Profit Trader is an options trading and financial investing service subscription provided by Paul Mampilly and published by Banyan Hill Publishing. The strategy behind Rapid Profit Trader is one that focuses on stocks that are either making 52-week highs or lows, and that can typically turn a profit in 4 to 6 weeks.

Just like its name, Rapid Profit Trader allows subscribed investors to rapidly grow their profits quickly. Paul Mampilly recommends regular, weekly trade alerts that cost no more than $500 per trade.

You may get away with investing less, but in order to truly see the results of the trade recommendations released in Rapid Profit Trader, you’ll want to set a side at least $6,000 if you want to make every six to 12 trades released every month. This will put you in the best position to see nice, monthly gains.

The strategy that Paul Mampilly uses in Rapid Profit Trader is one that comes from years of experience watching investors unsuccessfully predict good buys in the market. Investors tend to fall into the pit of emotional investing — when they get caught up in media hype or fear and subsequently buy or sell investments as a result.

Emotional investing is something that investors have to learn to navigate around, which is exactly where Paul’s strategy for Rapid Profit Trader came from. Rapid Profit Trader takes the emotion out of trades and uses a system — a three-step strategy — that tells you exactly which stocks are showing the most momentum in the market.

If Ian Dyer, Paul’s top internal analyst, and Paul analyze a stock that meets all of their criteria, they will release a trade alert/recommendation.

Check out Paul & Ian's latest webinar on Rapid Profit Trader.

Rapid Profit Trader Includes:

  • The Rapid Profit Trader Trading Guide: In order to get the most out of Rapid Profit Trader, you should read this guide first. This guide provides you with everything you need to know in order to be successful using Paul’s Rapid Profit strategy. It goes into detail on how and why stocks make huge runs, and the best way to profit from their momentum. It outlines the way each trade recommendation is designed to grow your money and protect it. It walks you through an example recommendation step by step so you’ll feel confident carrying through the recommendations when Paul or Ian releases them. It even gives you a quick look at how to open an options-trading brokerage account — or how to update an existing brokerage account so that you can use it to trade options. 
  • The Rapid Profit Trader Portfolio: This model portfolio will show you every open recommendation, the date it was recommended, the current price, the total gain and the current action to take. 
  • Weekly podcast updates — Ian Dyer and Paul release weekly podcast updates on all current positions, as well as a general market update. The weekly updates come in podcast or video form, as well as text form for those who wish to read it instead. The weekly updates include a review of major market trends, any news events surrounding one of their stock picks, and will also give a look ahead at what readers can expect in the coming months. Their weekly updates will keep you up-to-date on all current trades, including both gains and losses.  
  • Trade Alerts: Receive trade alerts whenever a new opportunity is taking place in the market. Trade alerts sent in Rapid Profit Trader are timely and lend specific trade instructions detailing how to get in on that specific option immediately. You’ll also know exactly how many weeks each trade should last. 
  • 24/7 access to the Rapid Profit Trader login/site — All past and current issues are stored on an encrypted website that members can access at any time.  

Things to Know

  • Paul Mampilly and Banyan Hill Publishing DO NOT call this a “get rich quick” strategy. 
  • You have to follow the investment advice to see gains. If you miss opportunities, you may not be successful (as with any option strategy).  
  • Paul Mampilly and Banyan Hill Publishing ARE NOT stock brokers. They offer sound, analytic-based advice and recommendations.  
  • Option plays are never guaranteed. 


  • Paul Mampilly’s Rapid Profit Trader service costs $2,995. 

Cancellation Policy

  • There are no refunds offered for Rapid Profit Trader. 
***Don’t quote me on these prices and the cancellation policy. If you choose to go with any service subscription, make sure you check pricing and cancellation terms as mine may be outdated. 

Rapid Profit Trader Customer Service

Final Review of Rapid Profit Trader

Rapid Profit Trader, along with The $10 Million Portfolio, are my two favorite investment services from Paul Mampilly (Rapid Profit Trader offers options, while $10 Million Portfolio recommends all different kinds of assets. Coupled together, I find great success for my investment portfolio) and the Banyan Hill Publishing team marketing him. They may not always market him favorably and you may not ever fully understand the strategy behind the service (intentionally to not eliminate the need to subscribe), but Paul and Ian do their very best to explain the reasoning behind each trade. They compare their recommendations to the market, analyzing company data, explain how trades fit within their investment approach and more. What I like most about Rapid Profit Trader is the fact that Paul has partnered with Ian Dyer. Ian Dyer is — in my opinion — an up-and-coming, go-to financial analyst and expert. We can expect to see more from Ian Dyer in the future and it gives an added security that Paul is using such a reputable, modern, millennial financial analyst to analyze trends and emerging markets with. My personal Rapid Profit Trader portfolio is up over 500% this month alone, off a handful of trades. What I love about these trades is that the prices are typically low, so I can place an order for a substantial number of shares in order to receive rapid gains — as promised. Rapid Profit Trader presents enormous potential for investors, with the past 16/20 trade recommendations being up at least double digits. This is no lie, no scam and no joke. I wish I could tell you the exact companies presenting gains, but for the sake of those who are paying for such valuable information, I can’t. I do hope that you consider one, if not more, of Paul’s investment services or his newsletter.
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