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“Jeff Yastine’s Total Wealth Insider: Is It Worth It?

Something I have not mentioned often when reviewing other financial and stock investment newsletters is the fact that there are so many scam artists out there. My favorite scam artists are the ones who shame their competition online just to get ahead. Is your service really suffering so much that you have to use other people’s names and products just to rank and then pitch your own? Although I give them credit because they saw an opportunity, took it, and it may be working out for them in terms of sales. However, that is not the type of brand awareness I would personally want if I were to pitch my company with integrity. I say this because if you do a simple search online for Jeff Yastine’s Total Wealth Insider, you are going to see results that are enticing to click on: “is it a scam?,” “is the service legit?,” etc. I strongly suggest you do your due diligence and take these reviews with a grain of salt. To provide an honest review (and I have no personal products to pitch and piggyback off investors like Jeff Yastine), here are some examples of what you see when you actually go to these sites… You can see in the image that this particular site is providing a review of Jeff Yastine and Total Wealth Insider, just to pitch you its product. Take this information as you’d like, but I would not allow this review to present any truths simply based on morals. Here’s another one… It’s important to note that these are two totally different websites, two totally different people. I am intentionally not naming names because this review is not about them — but maybe in the future it will be. Before we dive into a review of Total Wealth Insider, I figured I would start with a note about integrity. You will never find Jeff Yastine doing any of the above just to pitch his product, so I hope that note holds more weight than what you may find online. Look for honest reviews with absolutely no sales pitches tied to them in order to determine whether or not his service is for you. I signed up for Total Wealth Insider by Jeff Yastine, and here is what I found from actually using the advice in his stock investment newsletter.

Who Is Jeff Yastine?

Jeff “JL” Yastine is the editor of Total Wealth Insider and the editorial director at Banyan Hill Publishing. From 1994 to 2010, Jeff was a correspondent for PBS’ Nightly Business Report and an Emmy-nominated business news anchor. During his time as anchor, Jeff interviewed and learned investing strategies and secrets from some of the biggest names in financial entrepreneurs, such as Warren Buffett, Michael Dell, Sir Richard Branson and more. Jeff’s in-depth reporting warned investors about the real estate crisis in the early 2000s and the dot-com bubble. He also reported on major events like the Deep Water Horizon oil spill in 2010, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and foreign investments and economic relations in Cuba in 1994 and 2003 with Fidel Castro. Jeff Yastine attributes his knowledge to his years of research and picking the brains of the most intelligent people to ever walk this planet. His industry contacts provide him with financial wisdom to not only survive, but prosper even when the market is in turmoil. Jeff makes claims of gains in the triple digits which have allowed to him to provide a good life for his family, and shares his strategies with his Total Wealth Insider subscribers so that they can do the same.

What Is Total Wealth Insider?

Total Wealth Insider by Jeff Yastine is a financial and stock investment newsletter that you can pay to sign up to receive valuable information. This financial newsletter focuses on investment opportunities that most other investors would not be looking into, researching or focusing on in order to make profits. Much like some of the stock investment newsletters by Paul Mampilly under Banyan Hill Publishing, Total Wealth Insider focuses on finding companies that are either experiencing significant growth but are still small and great opportunities to get in on, or companies that have not yet experienced the boom that financial experts are predicting. In the past, Total Wealth Insider has recommended cybersecurity companies, green energy stocks, infrastructure companies and gold plays (not that uncommon). If Jeff recommends solid stocks and subscribers follow his advice, some gains reported have been in the triple digits — of course, gain percentage is all relative to how many shares you buy or how much money you put into the stock in the first place. All in all, Total Wealth Insider focuses on companies that are undervalued.

How It Works

You can take a look at what the Total Wealth Insider subscription includes below to get an idea of how the subscription service itself works. The stocks that Jeff Yastine recommends in his financial newsletter are diverse, but have one thing in common — they are undervalued companies. What does it mean to be an undervalued company in the stock market, and how does it present an investment opportunity? When companies are undervalued in the stock market, they are trading for less than their intrinsic value, which is a fancy way of saying they have a lower-than-average price-to-book ratio, lower-than-average price-to-earnings ratio and/or higher dividend yields. In order to make this a solid strategy to use for investing in the stock market, Jeff and his team of analysts compare these numbers to the company’s actual value. They will look at the company’s market sector as a whole, the company’s debt, assets and product demand. They also look at other factors that all help calculate whether the company is strong, and if it’s worth holding shares of while its prices are low and it’s pretty much going unnoticed by Wall Street. If the market has mispriced the stock, Jeff will release a trade alert for the great opportunity.

Watch Total Wealth Insider's recent webinar to learn more or become a member.

Total Wealth Insider Includes:

  • Jeff’s Model Portfolio — When you subscribe to Total Wealth Insider, you receive access to Jeff Yastine’s model portfolio, which contains every stock that is on his “buy now” list. He will typically recommend 12 new stocks each year, roughly one per month to track and potentially earn gains on. The Model Portfolio is a handy feature of Total Wealth Insider, because it tells you which stocks Jeff recommended, the price they were bought at, and the returns made so far.
  • Monthly Dispatch — The monthly dispatch provides an in-depth overview of the current stock pick that Jeff is recommending to subscribers. These monthly reports are lengthy — eight pages — and explain exactly why Jeff has chosen a particular stock.
  • Weekly Updates — Each week, Jeff hosts a weekly webinar to keep subscribers up to date with his stock recommendations and how they are playing out.
  • Monthly Podcast — Much like the weekly webinar and the monthly dispatch, Jeff Yastine and his colleague Brian Christopher release a monthly podcast reviewing current stock market positions, the Total Wealth Insider portfolio and things they are keeping an eye on.
  • Trade Alerts — Jeff will send trade alerts via email if he needs to alert you to sell or get in on a particular trade.
  • Daily Briefings — When you subscribe to Total Wealth Insider, you are also automatically subscribed to Jeff’s daily email newsletters, which include insights from his entire team.
  • 24/7 access to the Total Wealth Insider site.

Things to Know

  • Jeff Yastine and Banyan Hill Publishing DO NOT call this a “get rich quick” strategy.
  • You have to follow the investment advice to see gains. If you miss opportunities, you may not be successful (as with any stock strategy).
  • Jeff Yastine and Banyan Hill Publishing ARE NOT stock brokers. They offer sound, analysis-based advice and recommendations.
  • Stock plays are never guaranteed.


  • The Total Wealth Insider newsletter by Jeff Yastine costs $47 for the year.
  • Lifetime subscription to Total Wealth Insider is $595; monthly maintenance fee is $4.95.

Cancellation Policy

  • You have 1 year to cancel your subscription to Total Wealth Insider for a full refund.
***Don’t quote me on these prices and cancellation. If you choose to go with any newsletter subscription, make sure you check pricing and cancellation terms, as mine may be outdated.

Total Wealth Insider Customer Service

Our Final Review

This is a tricky financial and stock investment strategy for me to weigh in on. Why? Because it relies so heavily on the research done on the company. Now, don’t get me wrong, this is a great investment strategy if you can find companies that are simply undervalued in the market, buy in and wait for them to properly be evaluated — hopefully presenting gains if you have done the correct research and the company is indeed undervalued. That being said, you are relying solely on Jeff Yastine and his team to conduct all of this research for you, and depending on the amount of time you wish to put into your stock picks, this may be a great stock investing newsletter for you to subscribe to. You could go the extra mile, and when Total Wealth Insider releases an undervalued company to invest in, do your own footwork and see if the information presented matches what you can personally find. I would recommend this with any stock advice, though — always do your own research and never rely on your subscription to be your 100% source for information and ideas. All in all, Total Wealth Insider is backed by an awesome financial expert, Jeff Yastine, and the strategy is a very good strategy to boost your portfolio.
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