What is Ian King’s AI Energy? $40 Trillion Disruptor Promo – Is it Legit?

In his latest presentation, Ian King introduces a groundbreaking concept in the energy industry, which he terms “AI energy.”

King claims that researchers and engineers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Silicon Valley believe AI energy could create $40 trillion in new wealth within the next ten years.

This article will explore the specifics of King’s AI Energy proposition, evaluating the potential consequences of this innovation and its possible effects on the future of energy production and the global economy.

AI Energy is a new concept being championed by Ian King from Banyan Hill Publishing. Known for his numerous financial forecasts, Ian King is now promoting AI Energy as his latest venture. Having received multiple email promotions, we decided to investigate further to understand what AI Energy entails and how you can invest in it.

AI Energy Key Takeaways

  • AI Energy is an innovative technology that leverages artificial intelligence to enhance the production and utilization of energy. This approach minimizes waste, reduces costs, and supports environmental conservation.
  • Investing in AI Energy carries both risks and potential rewards. The demand for clean energy is driving rapid market growth for this technology.
  • Before investing in AI Energy stocks, it is crucial to conduct thorough research and carefully strategize. This may involve analyzing market trends or consulting experts like Ian King.
  • Ian King, a recognized authority in the field, is a strong proponent of AI Energy. He advises investors to focus on companies employing various renewable energy sources, as they often spearhead innovative advancements.
  • Ian King’s “AI Energy” proposal emphasizes investing in firms that are pioneering AI and supercomputing technologies to propel nuclear fusion research. He believes fusion technology is nearing a significant breakthrough.
  • A recent milestone at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where a fusion reaction was achieved using 192 laser beams, indicates progress, although commercial viability remains distant.
  • Ian highlights an investment in Xperi Inc (XPER), a company with patents that support fusion projects and a team of engineers from leading tech companies.
  • Ian’s Strategic Fortunes newsletter uncovers undervalued investment opportunities in tech stocks and cryptocurrency, aiming to leverage significant technological transformations.

What is “AI Energy”?

Ian King’s AI Energy proposal focuses on the concept of nuclear fusion, presenting it as the fifth significant energy revolution after fire, coal, oil, and nuclear fission.

Central to nuclear fusion are hydrogen atoms, the most plentiful resource on Earth. King explains that the fusion process involves 192 AI-driven energy, a groundbreaking idea that uses artificial intelligence to enhance the efficiency of energy production, consumption, and distribution.

Investing in AI Energy

The potential for growth in the AI energy market is significant, yet it comes with its unique set of risks and challenges. Developing a strategy for investment in this sector involves careful research, considering both current trends and future possibilities.

Potential for growth in the market

AI energy is poised for a substantial growth surge. Technological advancements now enable the efficient harnessing of renewable resources, diminishing our reliance on limited fossil fuels.

Moreover, as global economies pledge to reduce their carbon emissions, the demand for cleaner and more intelligent power generation methods is on the rise. AI techniques are playing a crucial role in optimizing these greener energy sources far better than conventional methods.

As AI-powered energy solutions gain momentum, investors are presented with a prime opportunity for significant returns in this burgeoning market.

Risks and challenges

Investing in AI energy presents various risks and challenges. Here are some key considerations:

  1. Market Volatility: As with any investment, AI energy stocks can experience unpredictable value fluctuations.
  2. Regulatory Changes: Government regulations can directly impact the profitability of the AI energy sector.
  3. Technological Advances: Rapid technological progress may make current technologies obsolete, affecting the value of your investment.
  4. High Capital Requirements: Significant capital is often needed to invest in AI energy due to the substantial costs of developing and implementing these technologies.
  5. Limited Track Record: Many AI energy companies are relatively new, lacking a long performance history for investors to evaluate.
  6. Energy Market Instability: Changes in global and regional energy demands can influence the success of an AI energy investment.

Who is Ian King?

Ian King is a former hedge fund manager featured on Fox Business News, Forbes, Investopedia, Yahoo Finance, Cheddar, Zero Hedge and Seeking Alpha.

He started as a desk clerk on Salomon Brothers’ famed mortgage bond trading department and helped originate credit derivatives at Citigroup.

From there, he was head trader at Peahi Capital, managing a long/short portfolio for the New York-based hedge fund.

But it wasn’t until 2017 that he started his dream job at Banyan Hill, helping Main Street Americans build strong and profitable portfolios.

In his service Strategic Fortunes, Ian uses his four-step strategy to identify tipping-point trends in emerging technologies and help readers capitalize on them before they go mainstream.

He is also a weekly contributor to our Winning Investor Daily newsletter — keeping readers apprised of the latest innovations and developments.

In addition to his role as editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, he developed the first crypto investing multimedia product of its kind for Investopedia Academy.

Is Ian King’s “AI Energy” Presentation Legit?

AI Energy is a legitimate concept. Ian King has been actively promoting it, even making appearances on mainstream news to share details. He has compiled his top stock recommendations for capitalizing on AI Energy in his premium research service, Strategic Fortunes.

A recent breakthrough in nuclear fusion, where hydrogen atoms were successfully fused using an array of lasers, marks a notable step forward in the pursuit of sustainable energy. While this achievement may not yet yield a true “net energy” gain, as the energy needed to sustain the superconductive magnetic field around the plasma is not fully accounted for, it signifies real progress in fusion research.

In the past, many may have dismissed such advancements as mere hype, but the successful replication of the experiment at Lawrence Livermore in July, after a few failed attempts, validates fusion’s potential as a viable energy source. This reproducibility suggests that fusion may soon become a reality rather than a distant dream.

Recent technological advances have made this more achievable. One critical factor in facilitating progress in nuclear fusion is the use of supercomputers and artificial intelligence (AI) to control and optimize the fusion reaction.

However, it’s important to recognize that fusion energy still faces significant challenges, and many experts believe it is still decades away from commercial viability. The iterative nature of progress and the complexities of fusion research mean that the timeline for achieving sustained fusion energy remains uncertain.

Nevertheless, recent breakthroughs provide renewed hope for the future of clean and sustainable energy. While much work remains, the progress made so far indicates that fusion could eventually play a crucial role in meeting the world’s growing energy needs in an environmentally responsible way.

What is Ian King’s Strategic Fortunes

Strategic Fortunes is a stock and investment newsletter service. Every monthly issue has an in-depth analysis of the recommended stock and its market, an optimal buy-in price and instructions on how to place the order.

It’s an all-in-one service for any type of investor — beginner or experienced. That’s because Ian helps readers every step of the investment process, including telling subscribers when it’s time to sell.

Strategic Fortunes is based on a four-step system that Ian uses to find “tipping-point trends.” These are massive tech developments on the cusp of disrupting outdated industries.

For example, one of the markets Ian focuses on is electric vehicles. As this technology advances, the way people and things move around the world will forever change. He advises readers on ways to invest in this massive shift.

Another tipping-point trend is solar energy. The sun’s energy is becoming easier to harness and store. This will lead to a generational disruption in energy markets. Investors who aren’t paying close attention to these developments risk missing out on a windfall of profits.

Strategic Fortunes’ success stems from its focus on ideas that are still under Wall Street’s radar. He’s always looking for the next big idea to get in before the herd arrives. This is where the largest gains are found.

If you are looking to invest in upcoming tipping-point trends, Strategic Fortunes could be the stock advisory service for you.

What’s Included with Strategic Fortunes?

  • 12 monthly issues of the Strategic Fortunes n
  • Unlimited access to Ian King’s model portfolio
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  • World-class customer service and support
  • Money-back guarantee

Strategic Fortunes Newsletter

The Strategic Fortunes monthly newsletter keeps you supplied with a steady stream of high-potential stock picks. You’ll receive a new stock recommendation from Ian King, along with the latest stock market news, analysis, and updates on the model portfolio.

You get a new issue of Strategic Fortunes every month, so you’ll end up with more than a dozen stock picks from the newsletter alone by the time your subscription runs out.

Strategic Fortunes Model Portfolio

Strategic Fortunes maintains a model portfolio where it keeps track of all of its current active recommendations.

It includes the current recommendation for each position, price targets, and other pertinent information.

Ian King’s model portfolio gives you a bird’s-eye view of the Strategic Fortunes portfolio that instantly tells you how each position is performing.

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Trade Alerts and Weekly Updates

The stock market changes every day, so just a monthly newsletter isn’t going to cut it. You need more frequent updates to navigate the waters effectively.

Fortunately, Strategic Fortunes doesn’t sell its subscribers short. In addition to the monthly newsletter, you get weekly updates on the latest market-moving news and much more.

The company also sends out as-needed trade alerts that let you know whenever it’s time to make a move, so you’ll never miss an opportunity you need to act quickly on again.

Ian King’s Crypto 101 Video Series

This video series acts as a primer for newbies to crypto trading.

It teaches the basics, like how to open an account, make your first trade, and more.

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Strategic Fortunes Bonus Reports

Ian King is throwing in several bonuses covering lucrative crypto opportunities with his Next-Gen Coin bundle.

Here’s what you get:

  • The Next-Gen Coin– Ian King reveals a cryptocurrency he believes could rocket up in value over the next decade. In fact, he says it could become 20X bigger than Bitcoin. This report tells you everything you need to know about this investment opportunity and is packed with detailed supporting research.
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  • Banking 2.0– The final report spotlights one company King predicts could disrupt the entire banking industry. This mystery opportunity is developing new ways to make crypto even more accessible to the general public. Ian King anticipates a potential for a 1,000% return within the next 10 years.

These bonus reports add a ton of value to the whole package. In addition to Ian King’s monthly recommendations, you get 5 more high-quality investment ideas.

Strategic Fortunes Pros and Cons

Strategic Fortunes has a lot of pros for a stock advisory newsletter, but there are couple things to watch out for.

Here’s where this newsletter service scores high and low.


  • Track record of profitability
  • Daily, weekly and monthly alerts
  • Monthly newsletter with regular stock picks
  • One-year, money-back guarantee
  • 6 Bonus reports with the Next Gen Coin package
  • Follows the hottest emerging tech tipping point trends
  • Unconventional investment strategy
  • Four-step strategy system identifies the perfect time to buy


  • Speculative tech stocks can be risky
  • No social components

How Much Does Strategic Fortunes Cost?

A one-year subscription to Strategic Fortunes costs $47.

Some research services charge less, but most of them can’t match Strategic Fortunes‘ unprecedented one-year guarantee.

Final Thoughts on AI Energy

In conclusion, Ian King’s AI Energy proposal offers a compelling opportunity to leverage potential advancements in nuclear fusion technology and the broader energy sector.

By concentrating on companies that are developing supercomputing tools and artificial intelligence for nuclear fusion projects, King aims to harness the transformative potential of this emerging field. Although fusion energy still faces significant challenges and uncertainties, recent developments highlight its potential as a future clean and sustainable energy source.

King’s approach involves investing in companies that develop and use supercomputing tools for nuclear fusion projects. Instead of focusing directly on fusion reactions and energy stocks, the emphasis is on the technological infrastructure necessary to create and control these reactions effectively. This strategy seeks to capitalize on the increasing importance of computational power, AI, and machine learning in advancing nuclear fusion research and development.

Ian King is promoting his Strategic Fortunes advisory service, offering subscribers a unique opportunity to engage in this cutting-edge sector. As the pursuit of fusion energy progresses, investors must carefully consider the risks and rewards associated with this innovative investment opportunity.